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“I feel I’m helping clients who otherwise would have no choice but to enter a nursing facility, if it weren’t for my efforts. I feel very good about that since that’s their choice to stay in their homes.”

A career in home and community care is a key choice. Factors such as the aging of the population and other demographic shifts, changing family structures, hospital restructuring, new patient populations, changes in diseases and disabilities, new technological and scientific inventions create an escalating demand for regulated and unregulated staff in the sector. Staff who provide in-home services play a critical role in the health care system by enabling individuals to live independently. In the home setting, staff brings caring activities that generate trust and collaboration for both the care of the client and the maintenance of health of the other family members

Besides, where else can you work where you get the satisfaction that you encouraged someone to maintain their independence? To see the smile on a client’s face when you go to their home to help with personal care, laundry and cooking is a wonderful feeling. To see the peace on a family member’s face when you come in to provide respite or companionship is the best reward.

" I get a different insight on life from each new client as they are each unique and different teachers. I am rewarded by the wisdom of someone else's years. I feel blessed to be a small part of their life as their homemaker. I am overwhelmed by their ability to let a stranger come into their homes and hearts.”


Specific competencies expected of Benchmark Home Care staff are:

  • flexibility and resourcefulness

  • knowledge of community resources


  • ability to collaborate with, and empower clients and family members

  • health promotion

  • decision making and problem solving skills

  • compassion and confidence

  • strong communication skills and an autonomous and self-directed work style.


“I choose how much and when I work. I enjoy flexible work hours, and professional communication with other staff members.”

“To be a good caregiver has to come from the heart. I know that I have done a good job when I leave at the end of the day with a sense of fulfillment that I have made a difference in someone’s life.”

Employment with BENCHMARK HOME CARE SERVICES INC. subscribes to the highest employment screening standards. You can expect a rigorous selection process which includes:

  • written application

  • personal interview

  • testing – written and/or oral

  • reference checks

  • criminal reference check

  • review of drivers’ licensing status (may be optional)

In addition to the obvious personal rewards, Benchmark Home Care provides:

  • supervisory support

  • flexible work hours

  • professional development and training

  • competitive wages and benefits

  • performance management

  • compliance with all current legislation – such as HIPPA, EED., OHSA, State and Federal regulations 

  • insurance coverage for professional and general liability and worker’s compensation certification

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